Errors and their Fixes.

The Purpose of this page to get solution of all common Errors.

1. Description: “Bad request : chat not found”

Mostly this happens if your bot missing in log channel. So first add your bot into log channel and restart your bot. Still happening ? Ok then double check your values of BOT_TOKEN and LOG_CHANNEL_ID. Probably you did a mistake.

2. Description: “Unauthorized”

Probably your BOT_TOKEN is invalid. So recheck or revoke it from botfather and update the new value.

3. Invalid log chat type

You can only use super-groups and channels as log chat. So promote current group into a super-group or use a channel as log chat (LOG_CHANNEL_ID).

4. Unauthorized for url

Seems your HEROKU_API_KEY is wrong. Goto your heroku account -> profile, grab your api key (regenerate if need) and update the value of this var.

5. Build faild: could not find an Aptfile

Please read our deployment guide. You are doing it in wrong way.

6. Pymonge: Authentication failed

Seems like you are using special charactors with your username or password. Simply don’t use those or escape them properly. Further read this.

7. Pymongo: no write concern mode named ‘masjority’ found in …

By deleting &w=majority part at the end will solve this problem. Further read this

8. Too many requests: try after …

Turn off your bot for a while and turn back it on. If you read this message properly, you can get an idea about how much time should i stop my bot.

9. Unpack requires a buffer of 263 bytes

Userge is based on Pyrogram. So you have to give a pyrogram session string to HU_STRING_SESSION.

10. Auth key duplicated, unregistered or Session revoked

Simply make a new Pyrogram session string.