The Purpose of this page to Answer all your common Questions regarding UserGe

1. How to Setup UserGe?

userge deploy

A video tutorial to Deploy or Setup UserGe on your Account with Heroku. To Deploy on your VPS or local machine and For more further information, Check the Deployment Page

You can also type #usergeguide and #deployment in UserGeOt.

2. How to Add Unofficial Plugins?

For Heroku Users:

Check out this Guide for more information. You can also Type #unofficialhelp in UserGeOt.

For Docker or Legacy Method Users:

To Enable Unofficial Plugins on your Userge UserBot. Add LOAD_UNOFFICIAL_PLUGINS KEY and the value is true into your config.env file.

3. How to Generate String Session ?

To Generate Session String of your Userge bot. You can try anyone way from these two methods.

For more way to Generate session string. Type #string in UserGeOt.

4. How to get All Commands list?

Type .help to get All Command list. When you type .help you’ll get Modules name. To see which commands include in a specific module Type .help <module-name>.

5. How to use a Command?

To Know more How a Command works which you get under Modules. Type .help .<command-name>

6. What is SUDO? How to Enable It?

With the help of Sudo you can give access to multiple users to use/control your account or Bot.

.help sudo 

7. How to Setup Google Drive? How to Setup GDrive Parent Id?


Setup GDrive Parent Id


This is your Folder’s Parent Id


For TD (Team Drive) Id


This is your TD Parent Id


Note: It’s Just a Demo, Don’t use the same ID.

8. What is Bot Mode? How to Enable Bot Mode?

You can use UserGe as a bot which can execute your all commands through the Bot. Similarly like Rose Bot and other Bots.

To Use Bot Mode in Userge, you need to set these two vars and configure the settings shown below.



Set OWNER_ID Var in KEY and value should be your user id. To get your user id, Type .ids in the reply of your own message.


Set BOT_TOKEN Var in KEY and value should be your Bot Token which you get from @BotFather Bot

For More Info: Type #botmode in UserGeOt.

After Setup BOT_TOKEN and OWNER_ID Add Your bot to Userge log channel and Enable these settings in BotFather


9. How to Get Help Menu as Inline Mode?


To Use Inline Mode You must have enabled Bot Mode!!!


Type your @botusername then give space you’ll see Inline Menu

10. What is Dyno Saver? What is .die? Only for Heroku Users

Dyno saver is basically turning your Dyno off by typing the command .die

Ps:- You have to manually start it again from Heroku Account, you can also use @HK_heroku_BOT and @yHerokuBot

Tips: You can set timeout to turn your dyno off, it will start to count when you went offline but if you come back online within that timeout, it will start to recount from beginning, you can save a huge amount of dyno hours using this

11. How to Add Buttons in Text, Notes, and Filters?

To Add buttons in Notes and Filters you must have Enabled Bot Mode. To know How to Enable it Click here

So, Let’s Start:

Suppose, I have to Add button in Text with Google and Button name will be Open URL and Button link was https://www.google.com.

So, here is the Pattern: Google [Open URL][buttonurl:https://www.google.com]

To Add buttons in Images, Just Reply with the Images and Follow the Pattern.

12. How to Setup Lydia?

Lydia is an Active Machine Learning Chat Bot Powered by CoffeeHouse from @Intellivoid. This AI Chat bot reply user messages using AML.

To Setup this You have to configure these two KEY vars on your Heroku App or If you are using another platform than Heroku then add these var on your config.env file.




This Var needs to be configured if you want your bot will send Sticker/ Gif/ Photo/ Video/ Text to users. Bot will randomly pick any media file from the channel and send it to the user.

For More Information: Check this Guide

13. What is FloodWait?

It’s kinda a Restriction by Telegram, If you make multiple requests from Telegram server. They restrict you from sending more requests. Mainly It happens when you use the same session string in many Bots or spamming on Telegram.

14. How to Setup Deezloader?

To download Songs and Playlist from Deezer. You need to configure these var.

Detailed Guide can be found here: Deezloader Setup Guide

15. What is SpamWatch?

It’s a Federation in Rose Bot, Which happens to use and develop a userbot named kantek to ban possible spam bots using their logs. SpamWatch API have 3 levels, Normal users can only fetch ban info whereas those with higher level can add bans in SpamWatch.

16. How to Set your OWN Custom Media for .alive?

When you type command .alive there You’ll see Userge Animated GIF. You can change it with any file. To do that use .setvar ALIVE_MEDIA Your_Media_Link (The link should be a Link of Message)

Example: .setvar ALIVE_MEDIA https://t.me/theuserge/8

17. How to Send Secret Message using your Userge Bot?

To Do this you must have enabled Bot Mode in Userge.

Secret msg

  1. Type your Bot @Username then give a Space.
  2. Type Username of the user, which you want to send secret Message.
  3. Then Add this symbol - After the user’s username.
  4. Type Message you want say in Private.
  5. Then Add this symbol : at the last of your Message.

You will see an Inline Query to Send Private Message to the user, Click on it.

18. How to Clear Downloads Path?

To Clear downloads directory path use command .dclear

19. How to Stop Autopic?

Type .autopic once again.

20. How to UnZip, Unrar, and Unpack files in Userge?

eg. downloads/DisneyMovieCollection.zip

eg. .unpack downloads/DisneyMovieCollection.zip

That’s It…

21. How to Add Media in Custom PM Permit?

Before continuing with steps read it briefly to know how it works.

Userge, Itself doesn’t have such a feature for now to set a media (gif, video, image) in PM Permit but you can do it via embedding your Media link in any word (you may already have seen those blue hyperlinked text),just like that.Telegram will show preview of such direct links, So the user will able to see that media on telegram itself without actually opening the link.

You can use this trick with pm-permit with following steps-

  1. Reply to any video, gif, image with .telegraph via using userge. it will upload media and give you telegraph link of your media , Copy that link.

  2. Now, Write your custom PM Message. (Whatever you want to write.)

  3. Select any word in your message (It can be any word or just even a dot at last.)

  4. After selecting, Click three dots at the top right of your screen > click Create link > Paste your telegraph link there.

  5. Now just write .setpmmsg your_custom_pm_msg before your message and send to set custom PM Permit.

Done, Now it will show that media (via preview) along with your custom PM Message. Also have a look on these Images to get an idea of How to do it.

22. How to Use Spam Watch API?

.antispam If you want Auto ban the spammers from the groups where you are Admin.

.info If you wanna check the user. He/ She is banned in SpamWatch or CAS.

23. How to Update Userge Userbot?

To Update your Userge Bot better check in help by typing .help update

24. How to know Dyno Usage?

Type .usage

When you download any file from the link it contains some query in the url which came along with the filename. which gives you an issue to open the file. To fix this you can rename the file or can download it with a custom filename.

To Rename the file

Use .term "downloaded_file_path" "new_file_name_with_path"

eg. .term "downloads/disney_movie.mp4?string=blablabla" "downloads/disney_movie.mp4"

To Download file with Custom filename

Use .download your_link | filename.ext

eg. .download https//example.com/files/disney_movie.mp4?string=blablabla | disney_movie.mp4

26. How to Add/Load Custom Plugins?

Create a Private channel and save your all plugins there, then copy channel id and paste it in var named PLUGINS_CHAT_ID and then load all plugins via a single command .loadall.

you can delete that file to unload that plugin, use .restart -t after delete that file in your channel.